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Project Management Tools

There are a myriad of tools we can use to manage and track our projects, I find the one most essential in my tool bag is Gantt Charts. This takes into account that the project has been initiated, all the Terms and Conditions have been met and your resources are available. The customer will expect a schedule, so their stakeholders are aware of the delivery timeframe, who will need to be involved and at what stage, so they can co-ordinate their own resources. For this to happen, all involved in the project will need a plan, a schedule outlining the tasks, resources and the intended time frame. The tool for this job is a Gantt Chart, as it provides the overall view of the project from start to finish.

Products That Redefine Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. finally gave his resignation. He was a founder and co-founder of hundreds of US patents. There were several of products invented during his tenure and gained popularity worldwide.

How to Share Files Wirelessly Among Android Phones and Any PC

We never thought that one day we could actually use either an Android phone or a tablet PC to create a lot of content in one segment. Between notes and pictures taken on your smartphone and that special content hammered out of your Fly Touch tablet PC, you’ll notice there’s always something on your mobile device that you’d like to dig out from your PC. Thanks to Dooblou WiFi File Explorer that is built to handle this task perfectly.

Smartphone Banking and Its Risks

Previous to smart phones, users had to have access to either a laptop or a computer to access online banking services. This isn’t the case anymore as manufacturers like Apple, Samsung etc. have brought us Smartphones that are almost as powerful as computers and have the benefit of being so small that they are hardly any larger than normal phones.

Give Your Event a Competitive Edge With Non-Profit Event Registration

The shortage of funds often drives non-profit organizations to look for cost-effective event management solutions. Online registration software facilitates the growing need for event management services for the non-profits. The online system comes with the integrated benefits of attendee registration and management with advanced payment options based on secured PCI-compliant solution.

How Dual Monitors Give Stock and Futures Traders An Edge

Dual (or more) monitors can give futures and equities traders a decided edge by utilizing extended screen real estate. Read on for further information on how these setups can show you more of the markets than before.

Solar Backpack Basics

Solar backpacks are a great portable source for power on the go. Below, this article gets into some of the basics of solar powered backpacks.

The Different Types of Bluetooth Earbuds

Wireless earbuds appear in all sorts of designs. What distinguish earbuds from other headphones is that they are positioned into your ear. After that, there are plenty of approaches to design the remainder of the headset. Here are some samples of the primary kinds of Bluetooth earbuds currently available.

Promoting an iPhone App in the App Store

Developing an iPhone app is just one part of the journey; once developed, the app needs to be successfully promoted. Without proper promotion, hours and hours of hard work on developing the app could very well go to waste.

Top 10 Gadgets of 2011 That Rocked The Tech World

The year 2011 is only eight months old and its getting more exciting with every new gadget coming out, but till now, the tech-world has already given us many gadgets this year to be cherished for the long run. Some are yet selling for their good demand, some showed technology inventions, some turned out to be extra-ordinarily brilliant. From them, here are the best 10 picked products of the year: which you can’t afford to miss.