The King’s Man: Gemma Arterton Talks Playing an Empowering Female Character

The King’s Man stars Gemma Arterton discusses how her character Polly represents the “every” woman, where will we see her next and more! Chris Killian has the exclusive interview.

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Impact Of Information Technology on Social Life

In addition to driving our economy and affecting how we work and what jobs we do, IT affects how we relate to one another, how we learn, and not only how we access information but also what information we obtain. Overall, IT has been a very positive contributor to our welfare, but it raises some troubling questions. Today we are easily connected to one another through electronic media such as cell phones, email, instant messaging, Twitter, and Facebook so that we can stay in close contact with and share information with more and more individuals than ever before…

Technology Lifecycle Management Plan

If this rings true with you, then you might be interested to know that you can actually save a lot of money by opening a new piece of technology more often. You may think that’s not possible, or that it doesn’t make any sense, but in the context of business, regularly and procedurally updating technology is an absolute must.

Deleting Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Ever since the arrival of social media communication, each one has defined digital lifestyle. Each technology user has been keen on marking their presence online. Another thing is keeping in continuous touch with your friend network. Some are keen on online marketing for their company or products. Even though it does seems interesting but at times things might get out of hand. Either too much of distraction, account hack or simply that you would like to actually shut it off for your own peace. Other things can be privacy concern. Whatever the reason be, if you have finally decided to shut off, kill, deactivate your Facebook and Twitter accounts then you need to know how it can be done.

What Would A Perfect Smartwatch Be?

Wearable tech is one of the hottest trends of the upcoming 2014. The brightest item that raises discussions nowadays is the watch, or more precisely, smartwatch.

Apple Of My Eye (Pod)

If there’s one peripheral (besides the mobile phone) that sums up the age we live in, it has to be the iPod. There isn’t a better MP3 player on the market. The iPod is consistently the smartest, most efficient and best performing portable music player ever developed. No arguments. Today, Apple’s ipod touch 8gb carries on this tradition. Time for a history lesson:

How to Reduce High Frequency Noise

High frequency noises can often be annoying and can be emitted from a plethora of possible sources, such as a TV switched on in the room next door. Appliances in use in other rooms can emit high frequency sounds through the walls, despite the device being turned on mute. Because high frequency noises can very often be difficult to hear, they can leave you with an unwanted ringing sound, especially for those with sensitive ears. The good news is, we can often take steps to reduce these bothersome high frequency sounds or even eliminate the problem.

3 New Nokia Devices To Come In Colors

Slowly but steadily Microsoft’s Windows Phone (eighth version, to be precise) occupied the third place in the battle of mobile platforms. This has probably happened in no small part owing to the partnership with Nokia.

Cut The Cord: Media Players Stream The Video From The Internet

Why pay large sums for a cable or satellite subscription? Plug a streaming player into your HDTV and stream the video (and other media) directly from the internet!

Which Version of iPhone Should You Buy?

Recently with all the ongoing frenzy of iPhone, there have been two more to add to it. Apple has introduced iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Both the versions seem to contain an upgrade version with tweaked features. Nonetheless, with all this it is difficult to choose any one of them. Let us find out how these compare against one another.

Which Accessories to Purchase for Your New Surface Pro?

After being talked about in the technology media, Microsoft has finally launched its Surface models. This brings forth the updated hardware tablet to the technology market. The Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 are all that you would want but what about the accessories? Before you think of purchasing any of the Surface tablets, it is essential that you are equipped with the right extras to add to its charm. Read on to find out so that you need not go looking elsewhere for additional stuff.