The Matrix Resurrections: Jessica Henwick Talks Joining the Franchise

The Matrix Resurrections star Jessica Henwick discusses joining the franchise PLUS more! Brandon Davis has the exclusive interview!

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Three Must Have Location-Based Apps

Finding that nearest restaurant, locating the position of your buddy and traveling towards your favored destination is now easy. All this is possible by downloading a geolocation app. These apps are designed to fetch location wise data based on your current position. Often these might be seen as invasion of privacy especially apps that keep updating your whereabouts to people on your social network. However, after a lot of research here are three most popular geolocation apps that you can download on your device. These apps come in handy for your professional network, personal life and travel.

Should You Purchase the BlackBerry Q10?

The BlackBerry Q10 seems to be a fully equipped phone that has a QWERTY keyboard as well as a touch screen. It seems to be one of the robust and stylish Smartphone available by BlackBerry. Everyone is under the impression that it is yet another Smartphone that is meant for enterprise. Still the question remains if it is worth purchasing? After reading this article you will be able to find out the answer to this question and decide for yourself.

Quality Web Development Made Easier

Remember when making a website was hard? Once upon a time, before you even thought about web development, you’d probably want to read three or four books on coding. And maybe take a course in web development. Heck, with all that in the way of a website, you’d probably end up just hiring someone!

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The browser wars are over, but no clear winner has emerged. Instead, consumers are confronted with three competing browsers with only minor difference between them. It would be easy to condemn Internet Explorer in favour of Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome, but it’s not really that simple.

Easy to Apply Tips for Google Nexus 10

The Google Nexus 10 tablet was launched last year but users are still looking for tips for an enhanced gadget experience. However, to fulfill this purpose you need to know the tips that you can apply. Let us get started with a list of tips that will help you make various adjustments like media settings, content, upgrading software and remove unwanted apps.

Mac Buying Guide for First Timers

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What is 4K UHD TV compared to HDTV? Which type of TV will better suit your needs?

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Gaming is a very popular hobby and pastime for many. Some choose to build their own custom gaming computers because of the system requirements needed or desired for optimal results when gaming. If you are looking into creating your own variety of custom gaming computers because you want an improved user experience, but aren’t sure where to start there are a few things to know before the building process begins.

The Road Warrior: How Fancy Phones Can Help You Do Better Business

No, really. Smartphones aren’t that bad. They have become a kind of scapegoat for those who hate the pace of the modern world. They’re consistently derided by people who feel they are constantly on call, constantly at the office, because they carry around a device that allows them work from anywhere. They are at the butt of barroom jokes, compared to a prisoner’s ball-and-chain.

Thousands of Photos Scanned to Digital, Now What?

Now that you’ve scanned your photos to digital, where do you go from there? This article suggests three unique and special options that will let you and loved ones enjoy your photos forever.