The Office EP on Why Doing a Reboot Could Be ‘DANGEROUS’ (Exclusive)

Stephen Merchant, co-creator of ‘The Office,’ opens up to ET’s Deidre Behar about the beloved sitcom while promoting ‘A Boy Called Christmas,’ now streaming on Netflix. Merchant, who created the series in the U.K. and served as an executive producer on the American version, opens up about the possibility of doing an ‘Office’ reunion after seeing the success from the ‘Friends’ HBO Max special. While Merchant is in favor of the ‘lovely idea,’ he cautions fans about why it’s ‘dangerous’ to reboot the project all together. The British star tells ET that it’s often difficult to recreate the same magic a second time around. Meanwhile, Merchant is busy with his latest project, playing an animated mouse in Netflix’s ‘A Boy Called Christmas.’ He jokes about the challenges of playing a tiny character, when in reality, he stands 6’7.