The Top 7 Books For Startup Founders

Save The Earth With Your Laptop

How can you save the Earth with your technology? People are sometimes naive that they never thought that the technology they have now can ruin the environment. The article discusses some of his ideas about how to prevent that.

Will the Smartphone Replace the TV Clicker?

Are you ready for the next generation of home networking? ZigBee RF4CE is powering the new wireless smart, connected home. Your appliances, entertainment, security, rooftop solar panels, energy management, HVAC and home health systems will all be connected to your set top box and from there to your Smartphone and local handheld remote control. Ultra low power RF4CE is green – RF4CE based remotes can operate for ten years without ever having to re-charge or change the batteries.

Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone With This Advice

Everyone is aware of the power of the Apple iPhone, whether they own one or not. If you own or are thinking about buying an iPhone, read on for some great tips on using it and personalizing it.

How to Start a Free Website Using Weebly in 7 Easy Steps

If you need a website fast then you’ve found the right place. In this article you will learn how to start a website using Weebly and their free resources. This web space host is geared to the not so technologically advanced, so regardless of your purpose it will be simple.

Create a Better DVD

You won’t find this your instruction manual, and most of your friends have never heard of this. ‘This’ is a method to create a better quality DVD than using the default setup of your editing and burning programs. I know, I know, there are Blu-Ray disks and High Definition Mp4 files available today, so why bother with making a better DVD?

3D Revolution?

3D is everywhere these days. As soon as you go into any big box store, you’re faced with so many TV’s and almost all of them have 3D. You sit in the chair that they have set up and watch the movie they have going, and you say, “man this looks good, maybe it’s time I get one.

Where Would We Be Without Technology?

Over the years, we have grown to enjoy the benefits of modern technology in our society. It’s hard to imagine life without many of the things we take granted such as computers and cell phones. It makes me wonder how our ancestors survived without all the modern conveniences we have today.

Three Ways Wireless Clock Systems Can Help Facilities Managers

Being a facilities manager is a tough job. There are so many things that FM’s are responsible for that it can often be overwhelming. After all, being depended on to manage all of the systems in can be quite the task.

Mobile App Development For Business Purposes

Mobile app development has come a long way since the first applications delighted users with simple game platforms. Now that mobile phones are a must-have for people worldwide, applications continue to offer a sophisticated means of gaming and information. Consider mobile app development for business purposes; when carefully created to match the personalized needs of an organization, mobile apps can make a big impression.

3 Powerful Tips for Facebook Marketing

Finding a good place to market and advertise your products, services and websites is like a dream come true for the online advertisers. With the emergence of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter people today have ample opportunities to advertise online. Among all the social media websites Facebook advertising has become very popular in the recent times.