D3Dx9_37 DLL Error Repair Tutorial – How To Repair D3DX9_37 DLL Errors On Windows

Msidcrl40.dll is classified as a type of a Microsoft dll file. This type of file is very important to the Windows Live Messenger program.

Get a Free iPad for a Lifetime

This article describes how to get a Free iPad or in other words how to win a free iPad. Winning a iPad was never easier than this!

Five Apps You Should Install

Today’s Computer tip is the ten must have apps for ones personal PC. These programs I use everyday and you ought to too. They help save me time, money, and in some cases are neat to have. There was times that without this or that application, I would of been in big difficulties.

iPhone 4 Tracking – Keep Your ‘i’ On Everything With An iPhone 4 Tracking Application

iPhone 4 tracking app enables you to track an iPhone 4 and uncover a variety of things. Using iPhone 4 tracking software, you’ll be able to watch over a spouse, employee, or child. Read this iPhone tracking app article for all the details!

Top Reasons Why Your Computer Is Running Slow

A computer can be running slow due to several reasons. This article will describe what the causes are for a slow computer and what you can do to make your computer run faster.

Why Is My Computer So Darn Slow?

That’s very annoying to have a slow computer. You can’t even move a step if your computer gets slowed down. What’s the real cause of a bad computer performance? I guess you are still stuck in the trouble. In this article, I will share you the easy way to fix a slow computer for free.

Choosing the Right Projector and Screen For Your Occasion

If you go to a multimedia store, you’ll notice that there are lots of projectors being sold in the market. Each with their own specifications and price. To avoid you from paying too much for features you don’t need or choosing the ones with less specifications, here are some basic and brief guides on what you should pay attention at on picking up the right projector and screen suit best for your requirements.

NxCooking DLL Error Fix – How To Fix Errors With NxCooking DLL

The PhysXCooking Dynamic Library has an important DLL file called nxcooking.dll. This file is a vital part of the PhysXCooking_FC5 that is designed to enhance the heavy graphics of computer games such as “Bioshock”.

How To Repair ContactsUX DLL Errors – Windows Live ContactsUX Errors Fix Tutorial

Microsoft has a DLL file called contactsux.dll which is used for the MSN Live Messenger program. This file is a vital component of the Windows Live Contact User Experience Module.

iPad Basics

This article is simply a tour of all the external ports and jacks for your iPad. The Headphone Jack is on the upper left hand corner when you have your iPad oriented so that the Home Button is at the bottom.