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Apple: Perception of Dominance

The emergence of the iPod and its rapid adoption gave Apple the keys to explosive growth. From the iPod to the iTouch, iPhone and now the iPad, the think tank at Apple has found a way to make their products more than electronic gizmos designed for everyday use.

Keeping Your USB Flash Drive Virus Free

These days a USB Flash Drive is something that most people have and use. Since it is easy and convenient to operate most people depend on it for file transfers. What they don’t realize is that this makes the USB drive susceptible to getting infected with a virus. If you often use your flash drive with several different computers then you need to make sure that you keep it virus free.

12 Tips to Optimize Your Joomla Powered Site

It doesn’t matter which blogging platform you are using, but what really matters is if your website loads within seconds and is fast enough for readers and for search engine bots. Here I’m sharing couple of tips which will help you to optimize your Joomla powered site and decrease the load time of your blog.

Why the Format of MP3 Is More Popular Than WMA

Nowadays audio compression formats are not so many. Besides, there are also few image compression formats to be used. I guess you may have heard of some formats such as GIF, JPG and BMP. But the two most popular audio formats are WMA and MP3. As for the WMA format, it is a kind of older audio format. It was produced by Microsoft Company in order to work with Microsoft’s Windows media player. As the WMA compression format was only devised for WMA files, it is not able to be converted to other formats.

Computer Turns On And Off By Itself

There are several reasons if your computer turns on and off by itself. Before troubleshooting the issue you need to identify what is the root cause of this serious problem.

Missing ComRes DLL Error Fix – How To Repair ComRes DLL Errors On Your PC

ComRes.dll is a dynamic link library file that belongs to the Windows operating system. It was created by Microsoft to enable Microsoft programs to work properly, and is essential to your Windows system so it should not be removed.

How To Repair HotPlug DLL Errors On Your PC – Working HotPlug DLL Errors Fix

The Microsoft DLL file called Hotplug.dll is an important file used to allow “hotswitchable” hardware devices like the PCMCIA and other USB devices to be removed safely from your PC without requiring a reboot every time the operation is performed. Hotplug.

WdLog DLL Error Repair Tutorial – How To Repair WdLog DLL Errors On Your PC

Wldlog.dll is a dynamic link library file developed by Microsoft for use in the logging processes of Windows Live Desktop. This highly important file is also crucial to the operation of Windows Live Messenger.

A Canon Powershot SX210IS Review

Canon is certainly known for its magnificent cameras, and just last year, it released another innovative model: the Canon PowerShot digital camera. If you like to surf the Internet, do not forget to read an unbiased Canon Powershot SX210IS Review to find out more about this great travel companion. Anyway, this Canon Powershot SX210IS Review right here will give you an insight on what to expect with this gadget.

Digital Projector Lamp Replacement Overview

Admittedly until DLP technology that facilitates the development of projectors without lamps advances lamps will continue to be an important part of our lives as owners of digital projectors. Those new to projectors will soon realize that at one point or another in the life of the projector bulb replacement will be necessary. Projector bulbs are certainly not cheap.