TidyCal Review – Is the Lifetime Deal Worth It?

The Tobacco Whitefly: Up-Close and Personal With Alpha and Beta

For years, scientists have been battling against the most dreaded pest today, the Tobacco Whitefly. This pest is known for destroying any crop it encounters, as well as spreading plant viruses.

What Qualities to Look For in an Office Desk

These days, much of our lives are spent in an office. Some of us can spend up to 80 hours a week working on our computers in our actual office, or in a home office. With so much time spent working in an office, it seems that so little of our efforts are used at making our office as comfortable as possible.

Do I Have to Perform Computer Maintenance on My Computer?

Most new computer users will definitely want to know if they have to do perform computer maintenance. Unfortunately they like to ask this question hoping that the answer is no. However we all know that you must perform computer maintenance on your computer if you want to keep it running nice and smoothly. If you prefer a computer that is clogged up with files and cannot even open programs, then you can avoid computer maintenance.

What the Acquisition of Skype May Mean for Microsoft

This week, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft faced each other down to compete for the acquisition of Skype, an online communications company, for $8.5 billion. Because sometimes when you haven’t built the better mousetrap, it’s just as effective to buy the company that did.

How to Read Kindle Ebooks on Your Computer for Free

Amazon announced that last year they sold more ebooks than paper books for the first time. This makes things a lot more practical, as delivery is instant and also more economical, due to the fact that Kindle books are much less expensive than actual, physical books. But is there a Kindle application for the PC, which lets users read Kindle books on a PC, rather than the actual Amazon Kindle itself? Here we discuss how you can read your kindle books on PC.

Online Retailing and Price Comparison Guide Websites

With many online retailing options available, the typical consumer would find it difficult to settle on buying a product from a certain retailer. Fortunately, there are now price comparison guide websites that can help people get the best deals available.

Portable and Handy ASUS EP121

High end gadgets are always needed and wanted by busy people today because they are very helpful in managing work and delivering enjoyment and entertainment as well. As time goes by, people find themselves always in need for more sophisticated new devices that can be easily carried away and operated while they’re on the go. They always need devices that can be switched on or off and operated while they’re waiting for the bus, for example, or while sitting inside the subway. By doing so, they can be sure that most of their work will be completed by the time they reach their working place. Well, they can have the right device that will help them work if they buy Asus EP121.

Mobile Phones: Effects on Daily Lives and Relationships

Many people these days have mobile phones, but one question still remains and that is the question of whether mobile phones improve people’s daily lives or whether they have an adverse effect on them. Here is a brief overview as to some of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, there are more details below this list as to how these points affect our daily lives and society.

I Forgot My Windows 7 Password – Easily Reset Password

Windows Password Breaker proves a great help. It can help you create a Win 7 password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive to resolve all problems concerning lost your Windows 7 log on password. And it only takes you a few and easy steps…

Using a Registry Cleaner To Speed Up Your PC

Got a slow PC? Join the club! Don’t worry – a slow system is nothing new, and is continually causing a headache for millions of people every year, who are either forced to buy a new system, or just put up with the slow speed.