Vidios Review and Demo: Vidios Video Hosting Platform

How To Stop Vista Boot Lagging

If Windows Vista is taking a long time to boot up, it’s important that you’re able to get rid of the various problems that will be causing this system to slow down. The good news is that there are a few errors & issues that will be preventing Vista from being able to load as quickly & effectively as possible, and if you’re able to fix these problems you should look to fix them in the most effective way possible. This tutorial is going to show you how to repair the various issues that will be causing the problems on…

IT Support FAQs – Why Might Your PC Need a Rebuild

From time to time your PC will get into a state when it needs to be rebuilt by an IT Support engineer. It may have slowed down or perhaps it’s behaving somewhat erratically. The IT Support engineer may tell you that it requires a rebuild and, not unreasonably, you will ask “why!”

How To Stop Flash Player Crashing Online

The Flash Player is one of the most important parts of the Internet experience in 2011 – as it’s responsible for allowing us to do everything from watch videos to partaking in interactive websites. Although this is installed onto millions of computers around the World, it’s unfortunately the case that the Flash application will actually end up causing a large number of problems for your PC. This problem, can be caused by everything from having errors with the “registry” of your PC to having issues with the Flash Player software itself.

iWatchz Q Series Watchband for iPod Nano (6th Generation)

This is a very cool product that allows you to turn your iPod Nano (6th generation) device into a nice-looking wristwatch. How you say? It is very simple with the use of the iWatchz “nanoclipz”.

Apple Universal Dock for Your iPod or iPhone

The Apple Universal Dock is used for charging and syncing your iPod or iPhone via access to a USB port. You can also use the dock for connecting to a TV or speakers to allow more ways to enjoy audio or video files right from your device. The easy connection made possible by use of the USB port/cable helps to eliminate a lot of excess cables and cords normally required.

How To Make Windows 7 Load Up In Seconds

Windows 7 might be the latest version of Windows in 2011, but it has a LOT of problems that often cause the system to run slower and with problems. We’ve found that if you’re experiencing your system taking longer to load up, there are a number of possible issues that will be preventing it from being able to run as smoothly as possible. Some of the problems that your computer may have include the likes of Windows having issues with its files, settings or options.

iPad 2 – ZAGGmate Keyboard Case Review

Turning your iPad into a replacement laptop can be a difficult task. Many keyboards designed for iPads are just not comfortable to use on a daily basis, with many of them missing buttons found on standard keyboards. The ZAGGmate iPad case is made from aluminum and features an integrated Bluetooth keyboard.

Hide Your IP Address With VPN

Great news for internet users, the technology that can help you surf the web privately has been discovered. It has been around for some time, but it has never achieved popularity than it has today. I am talking about VPN or virtual private network.

Best Deals On New Computer Gadgets

If you’re thinking of getting one of the new gadgets on the market, you will probably accept that you will be spending some money in order to get it. But you don’t necessarily have to be spending every penny you have in order to get hold of the latest technology.

How To Stop Internet Explorer 9 Errors

Internet Explorer 9 might be brand new, but it still has a large number of errors which will prevent it from working correctly. We’ve found that one of the main problems for this new version of Internet Explorer is the way in which Windows will not be able to load it up correctly, leading your PC to run much slower and with a large number of problems as a result. If you’re experiencing problems with the Internet Explorer 9 application, you have to be able to clean out the various issues that your PC may have – which can be…