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A Brief History of Caller ID

Caller ID (caller identification) is also known as CLID (calling line identification). Quite popular in today’s technologically advanced world, caller ID is a means of digitally informing a caller as to who is calling their phone system. Popularly and widely used throughout the United States and other countries, this information system allows the caller to choose whether or not to answer the phone based on who they see is calling.

Gadgets, I-Tems and Online Addiction

How valuable is technology to you? How does it effect your life? Recruiting has changed so much in the past 10 years I almost don’t recognize it.

10 Reasons to Buy an Android Smartphone

10 Reasons to Buy An Android Phone Not only is there a vast variety of cell phones out there, but there are also a variety of operating systems, each of them clamoring for our attention and claiming that they’re the best. The iPhone has been a top contender as has the Android, each of them heavy hitters in the mobile device technology bout. But here are ten reasons to go with an Android phone rather than the iPhone.

Computer Running Slow and Overheating – Fix This Problem Without Calling a Technician

Having a computer that runs quickly without any errors or problems is something we all want to have, but the reality is that over time through every day use, constant changes and updates our PC’s being to react more and more slowly until we begin to experience unusual crashes and blue screen error messages. One thing that can slow your computer right down is if it running too hot. There are several thing that can cause this and the consequences are a computer running slow, freezing and crashing.

A Look at the MacBook Pro and Apple Magic Mouse

This article is taking a look at Apple products. Specifically it is a look at the MacBook Pro MC724LL/A and the Apple Magic Mouse. This is a review of theses two products.

Recommended Desktop

This article is a review of a desktop computer. I am recommending this Gateway desktop computer.

The Two Devices That Make Up a Wireless Network

I am going to take a look at wireless networking devices. The first device you will need is a modem. Basically, a modem is a device that takes analog waves which are transmitted over telephone lines, and converts them into a digital signal which can be read by a computer and then back to an analog signal to travel through the phone line once again.

Application Development – Tools of the Trade

The world has changed very dramatically over the last decade or two with technology being one of the driving factors behind it. Almost everywhere you look today you see how much modern technology has had a hand in dictating our world’s current pace.

Formatting for Kindle – How to Convert a Document to HTML

So you’ve written a great article, a short story, a novel that’s had you drinking more coffee and sleeping less than when you were studying for your college finals, and now you can’t upload it to Kindle because it’s not in HTML format, don’t you just love it when that happens? The problem doesn’t come with the conversion itself, if you know how to do it, that is.

5 Best Android Tablet Games of 2011

What makes Android tablets powerful? What defines them from the rest? The apps have totally defined how people see and adore Android. The different Android applications have undeniably influenced the lifestyle of so many people.