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Gaming Laptop Review: ASUS G53JW-3DE and Asus G73SW-A1 Laptop Reviews

Gaming laptop is becoming quite popular not just in US and UK but also all over the world. Asus has always been a pioneer name when it comes to gaming laptops. In the recent past, they have released quite a few gaming friendly notebooks. These are not regular notebooks from Asus but high performance systems that can give you the best gaming pleasure.

Considering Buying a New Computer? Here Are Some Tips to Point You in the Right Direction

In this article, I give some basic tips on what kind of research to do when purchasing a new computer. This process is not rocket science, but you also do not want to underestimate or overestimate your computing needs.

Hearing Aids Comparisons

Hearing aids comparisons assist people who need devices to aid their ears due to a hearing loss. There are many causes of this loss and technology has enabled the victims to lead normal lives by coming up with different devices that suit different kinds of problems. The devices have inbuilt microphones that receive sound in form of electric signals, which they transmit to the amplifiers that turn them into sound and transmit the sound to the speakers.

Tips For Avoiding Online Identity Theft and Phishing

Protecting yourself from online identity theft and phishing scams begins with common sense. However, identity thieves are becoming more and more clever and are coming up with new ways to steal information. Here are a few ways that you can protect yourself.

How to Remove Duplicate Files – Mac Users Can Remove Duplicate Files and Fix a Slow Macbook Quickly

If there’s one thing every Apple user can relate to, it is the frustration of a slow Macbook. These laptops (and desktops) were at one point speed-demons, and now have trouble running several programs at the same time. The never-ending spinning beachball is a consistent sign that your computer needs to be cleaned up to get it running the way it used to. A big reason that Macs slow down to a crawl is the collection of duplicate files, be they music mp3s, e-mail messages, program files, font files, and hi-resolution photos. For those looking to remove duplicate files, mac computers need a simple, easy to use solution that is lightweight and cost-effective.

Registry Scanner And Repair Software – Are These Programs A Fraud?

Many people use registry scanner and repair software programs regularly in an attempt to keep their computers functioning properly. Many people think these programs, a.k.a. registry cleaners are useful for ridding their Windows operating systems of excess information thereby allowing their computers to run at top speed. However, a lot has been written about these programs being a fraud. So, what is the truth? Are these programs really unnecessary and even fraudulent? In this article, we will answer this question.

Gaming Laptops Unleashed

Gaming laptops are power houses capable of dealing with the massive performance requirements modern 3D games have. A regular store-bought laptop might have a few perks, but with the standard 1GB RAM configuration, a lousy 1.6GHz CPU and a built in graphic card, you are sure to get some pretty low FPS in almost any modern games that hits the market.

How To Effectively Look After Your Digital Projector

Digital projectors have essentially become a part of our technology life especially for individuals who frequently do presentations and work with computers and laptops. As an illustration of this growth in the use of digital projectors, the number of manufacturers of these devices has also increased. Today top digital projector brand names include Optoma, Panasonic, SonicView, Vivitek, Epson and numerous others.

How To Clean A Computer Which Is Infected By A Virus

Computers are very useful nowadays almost anything and everything are quickly done because of this genius gadget. This machine comes with a high price tag so people who own one are very careful and make sure that there computer is in perfect shape. One of the most common problems a computer might encounter is your computer being with virus which is very dangerous especially if attacks your entire computer which can lead to serious problem or even may cause for the computer to be totally damage. When your machine is in danger of being infected with a virus or has been infected with a virus already, do not worry there is still hope for your computer to get back on its normal condition and be worm free.

Should We Try To Repair Our Own Computer?

I ask myself this question every time my computer doesn’t work. Don’t imagine I am thinking the same about the washing machine or the TV set. For some strange reason, the computer seems to be more familiar. It doesn’t wash my clothes, it doesn’t give me food or oxygen, yet it is the most important appliance. Even appliance is not an accurate term: necessity will be more appropriate.