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The Basics of Home Wireless Networks

While regular cable Internet access may be reliable enough, there are several benefits to a wireless network at home. A home network is not very different from a business network, but to setup a wireless LAN (WLAN) connection at home you may wish to invest in less expensive equipment, considering that the connection points are relatively minimal.

Google Plus and SEO: The Impact

With the increasing number of social media networking sites, it was about time that Google come out with its own. Aiming to topple over Facebook, Google Plus is attacking the web with much gusto. Known for being the pioneer in like buttons, Facebook revolutionized the way marketing is being done.

Google Plus and SEO

Social networking sites undeniably made an impact in today’s communication. People from around the world are connected to their peers from different parts of the country with just a simple account on these websites. Furthermore, everyone is given the freedom to share their lives to others by posting one’s photos, thoughts, and even ideas that are available for everyone to see. With this kind of innovation, trading and sharing information has become so much easier. Moreover, advertisers and marketing strategists use various social networking sites as a medium in endorsing their products and services. These strategies, like combining Google Plus and SEO for marketing and advertising, would surely become a trend, and in no time, all advertisers will follow suit.

Digital Photo Frames and Your Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding is a great place to showcase some of your family photos. Your guests will think it is great, and if you show photos from throughout your lives, everyone will have stories to tell.

Why Are Laptops Continuing to Grow in Popularity?

Laptops are mobile computers which can be carried with great ease as they can weigh as little as 2.2 pounds. These mobile computers have the same processing abilities and performance as the desktop computer. Laptops are also available in different sizes and offer various options. Because of the many benefits laptops offer, they have become one of the most popular types of computers and they are continuing to grow in demand.

How to Detect and Combat a Phishing Attack

Phishing attack, a form of Man in the Middle attack had been in the IT Security scene since long time ago and there are still many users who were unable to detect this type of attack. Even though it was a long time ago technology, but it is still an efficient way of attack to most end users. This is because of the security against phishing is quite user dependent.

Learn How To Solve Your Mouse Problems To Save Time And Money

When your mouse malfunctions or, “has had the biscuit,” it will seem like your computer has broken down. Learning the 2 Step “Check and Compare” method to tell if you are looking at a costly computer repair bill, or if it’s just your mouse that is in trouble, will save you priceless hours of frustration and a little, or a lot of money.

5 ASUS Transformer Cases

Nowadays, the tablet PC has taken the world by storm. No other gadget for the past decade has ever experienced the same level of popularity that the tablet has so effortlessly achieved.

5 Toshiba Thrive Cases

When the world met the entry of mobile and compact computers, things stood still. There was a time when desktop computers are upgrading every other week and netbooks are on the race to be the most portable gadget ever.

Why the iPad Is Here to Stay

The iPad, launched in 2010, it took the entire world by storm, it was thinner, more elegant, and much more streamlined than any other tablet ever. The iPad was sold out in days, and when the hype was just starting to die down… BAMM the iPad 2 arrived, this one was even thinner, even lighter, and had a longer battery life.