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Improve Video Quality on Your Apple Devices and Android Smartphone

Apple users are increasing worldwide; an estimated 365 million and counting users hooked on to Apple products. These products include iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. There are Android users who are 350+ million, this means that almost everyone is using hi-end camera phone for shooting videos. However, more than often it so happens that the user is not able to achieve the desired video quality. The video camera is not where the trouble is entirely; sometime it is about the manner in which the video is shot. The other times it is about improving the quality and adding enhancements to make the video shooting experience good. Let us now find it out how utilizing different tools it is possible to shoot professional like video through your Smartphone.

Choosing a Reputable Computer Repair Technician

Need a good computer technician? Don’t want to get burned? Follow these simple steps.

Digital Pen Or Graphic Tablet? Get The Right Tool For The Task

It isn’t the case that graphic tablets and digital pens perform exactly the same functions and nor do they operate in the same way. This article explores the differences and looks at which tool might be the most advantageous to help accomplish your tasks, whatever they might be.

The Advantages of Digital Photography

Photographers, professionals and beginners alike, frequently debate over the merits of digital cameras compared to analog cameras. Find out why going digital is the better option to capture your best moments.

Booting Your Arnova 10 G2 Into Recovery Mode

A lot of people are having problems with booting their Arnova 10 G2 into recovery mode. Here is the 5 step detailed process on how to do it.

See the Future Today

The last few years have been rather exciting for technogeeks. Even amidst unfortunate developments (like more and more people selling used BlackBerrys because of Research In Motion’s spectacularly dwindling market share) we have nonetheless been witness to innovations that I’d wager most of us never even dreamed of seeing in our lifetimes; at least, not in the mainstream market. First, there was touchscreen functionality, followed by motion detection; both popularized by Nintendo with the releases of the DS handheld game system and the Wii game console, respectively.

The DivX Codec: What Is It and How Do I Get It?

The DivX Codec is one of those quasi-mysteries that pops up for everyone. It’s a bit outdated now, but still in use, providing video playback on plenty of sites. If you’ve ever come across a valid website that uses DivX, you may wonder what it is, why it’s needed and what on earth you can do to get it. This article gives a crash course in the DivX format and helps users find a safe, reliable way to get the codec needed to play it.

Review of Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google has recently launched its 7 inch tablet that has taken the technology market by storm. This device is named Nexus 7. This tablet is priced at $199. Let us find out if this tablet is worth your money or not.

Built-In Windows Tools Many People Don’t Know About

This article provides a quick-list reference for people who use Windows, but get frustrated when Windows doesn’t act right. Every version of Windows has had little built-in programs that let you manage data and system behavior. With the release of Windows 7 and the upcoming Windows 8, these built-ins are more accessible than ever. Easy to use tools that let you do everything from restore the system to manage drivers to protect from malware: these services are put in place for anyone to use – if they know how.

Fraud Prevention Tips for Online Merchant

With billions of people turning to the internet, E-Commerce has become one of the cornerstone of our daily lives, and is getting popular as a new economic ecosystem for online business. Along with the opportunities, however, comes a greater level of risks.