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Boomerang Email Add-On for Outlook or Gmail

The Boomerang email add-on for Outlook or Gmail let’s you schedule outgoing emails and postpone incoming emails (temporarily removing them from your inbox). Also, outgoing emails can come back as reminders if you don’t get a reply to them by a set time. This service lets you easily get to inbox zero, and get things done.

What Is Google +1?

With an almost definite effect on a links CTR, will this new tool also affect how you rank in the search results? And with more and more emphasis on social sharing, the battle of the +1 may be about to begin.

LCD Enclosures and Its Various Usage

These external advertisements which include display, media player and connectivity are quite valuable. But with increasing number of malls, train stations, airports, ferry ports the demand for the LCD Enclosures has also increased. Since previously there used to be threats of vandalism and thefts, companies used to be afraid of displaying their outdoor signage.

LCD Enclosures – Types and Outdoor Uses

LCD enclosures as the name suggests are protective cabinets for the LCD systems to allow their use in the harsh or industrial environments outdoors. These are primarily used in the digital signage industry.

How to Find Out What Operating System You Have?

Computer users often go about using their computer without even knowing what operating system they are using. There are so many choices when it comes to operating systems; we really need to be clear about what is on our computer. It is only when they require this information in order to download or buy the right software for their computer.

How to Partition a Hard Drive That Already Has Files on It

At one point or another, every computer user would have had the thought of partitioning his or her hard drive. This could be done to organize the data and to put the new information in the partitioned drive or the user would wish to install another operating system in the other drive (for example XP and Vista or any other Operating System). Whatever the reason might be, it is important to know how one can partition their hard drive without having to lose all the data that is present in the drive.

IT Support – Collaborative Consumption Is The New Buzzword

Collaborative Consumption is a phrase that seems to have emerged recently from business consultancy and literature. It’s a phrase that was invented elsewhere, but actually we’ve being doing it in the IT industry for years, just under a different name. As usual the IT industry used a TLA (Three Letter Acronym) to describe it.

File System Fragmentation And Disk Partitioning

Disk Fragmentation is a key element that is often overlooked in regard to system performance. It can be a bottleneck of your couple of months old PC, you paid hundreds of dollars for. Disk defragmentation software is essential tool to maintain speed and reliability of your computer.

Internet Explorer 9 Crash Fix Tutorial

If you’re trying to use Internet Explorer 9, but find that it’s continually causing a large number of problems for your system, it’s vital that you’re able to cure any of the issues that it may have. The big issue for this application is that because it’s so new, it has a lot of advanced settings which most Windows computers will either be unable to process, or have problems with. To fix the crashes it has, you can use the steps outlined below:

Why 3D Camcorders Are NOT a Fad

If you have been in the market for a new camcorder recently, you’ve likely noticed a new option to add to your decision-making dilemma. As if the various HD formats weren’t confusing enough, now there is 3D to add to the mix. 3D is the stuff that fads are made of. During the 1950s 3D was wildly popular at drive-ins. Then competing formats of the era such as Cinemascope combined with the difficulty of properly calibrating projectors, squashed the format – seemingly for good. But this time things are different.